Harchan i Solutions can be a valuable partner for your business helping you attain corporate goals, faster and more cost effectively and increase your Return On Investment. At Harchan i Solutions we believe in forming strong alliances for mutual growth and stability. Several factors distinguish Harchan i Solutions from other outsourcing providers

Commitment  to  Quality

Harchan i Solutions acknowledges that as outsourcer, we take partial responsibility for the success of your business in our hands. As a result, whether its running a telemarketing campaign or developing your next enterprise application, Harchan i Solutions adheres to strict quality checks on every project we embark on.

Flexible  Business  Models  

Because Harchan i Solutions is a privately owned, self funded company, we are able to offer greater flexibility in the types of outsourcing relationships we engage in. We work with each client individually to assess the amount of involvement the client requires and determine the best relationship for the outsourcing arrangement fully outsourced, co sourcing, etc. This flexibility allows us to evolve with the growth of long-term clients.

Experience  in  Foreign  Markets

Our company has been outsourcing back office work from the United States to our development centers in India for the past 10 years. As one of the Best Customer Oriented companies to establish the trade, we have extensive
experience in running offshore processing centers, as well as operating standards in the U.S.

Cost  Advantage

In addition to the cost savings realized by outsourcing to India, Harchan i Solutions is able to provide greater cost effectiveness. We are the sole owners of our outsourcing facilities and infrastructure, as a result we do not have the many of the expenses associated with leasing space, hardware, etc. And because we have been in the industry for so long and because we have expertise in several areas, we are able to take advantage of our own internal resources to provide you with greater cost savings.